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What’s New

April 15th, 2016

Keyboard Commands

You can now control various commands via your keyboard.


  • 7-0 - Changes table type (7, 8, 9, billiards)
  • A - Toggles arrows on/off
  • C - Clear table


  • L - Toggles line dashed/solid
  • M - Open massé control
  • T - Create a text box

March 18th, 2016

Highlight / Remove Lines

We added a new method of removing lines instead of clicking and holding them. You'll notice lines highlight now when hovering over them. You can still click and hold or you can press the Backspace key to remove.


New Tables and Balls

We modified the pocket size on all tables to be a bit larger. Darkend the green on the 9' table to match Simonis green. The balls have also shifted colors a little bit to be clearer.


Bug Fixes

Fixed a bug that didn't allow you to use your arrow keys to move around in the textboxes; it would instead fine-tune the balls. This no longer happens.